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Julie Harpring

About Me

My approach to interaction design and design research has developed out of a passion for creating experiences that are not just usable and useful, but also engaging and meaningful.

I started on the path toward a career in human-centered design while working as a web designer, information architect, and editor at the University of Missouri, where I also received my undergraduate degrees in English literature and journalism. My background in journalism has given me unique insight into what it takes to understand what's really going on with people — through careful listening and observation.

In 2009, I earned a master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction Design from Indiana University, and now I work at Orbitz Worldwide in the heart of Chicago.

You can check out my resume and portfolio to learn more about my work.

Julie Harpring, pondering an affinity diagram
Pondering an Affinity Diagram.
I always bring rations.