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Motorola Solutions Website Redesign

Motorola Solutions, creator of devices and network systems for a diverse customer base — from firefighters to shipping companies to school bus drivers — needed a redesign that would help users see that Motorola's designers sweat the details to make their customer's lives easier. My company, Designkitchen, provided user experience design, visual design, content strategy, and front-end development.

My Role

User Experience Lead

Project Overview

Motorola Business Solutions creates and sells products that must (and do) perform in the most rugged settings, including house fires and police chases. Users of the website who evaluate and choose these types of devices for their organizations told us that they weren't getting the opportunitity they needed online to understand what it would feel like to use the devices they were researching everyday. Is this radio bulky or slim? Could it slip out of my hand at the wrong time? Could I operate the buttons with a fireproof glove on?

In addition to focusing on general usability improvements and a visual refresh, we designed interactive product tours and created a strategy for the future that includes compelling video demonstrations as well as editorial copy that focuses on how the design of key features supports everyday use in life-and-death situations.

My Tools & Techniques

  • Stakeholder interviews: Our user experience team interviewed end-users and created personas and mental model documentation for earlier projects, and with this previous design research in mind, I interviewed internal stakeholders from Motorola's business and editorial groups to identify goals for the redesign and pain points that needed to be addressed.
  • Content audit: I inventoried the website to document the existing information architecture and to identify unique page types that would require templates.
  • Wireframes and flows: In a short amount of time, I created wireframes for more than 20 templates, focusing on enhancements that would allow customers to "try out" devices before traveling to a dealer. I also worked toward friendlier labeling and editorial placement that emphasizes key features first and progressively reveals technical details as users need them. I presented my documentation directly to the client and acted as a user experience advisor and advocate throughout the project.
  • Collaboration with visual designers and front-end developers: I served as an advocate for user experience during the visual design and development phases.
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Motorola Solutions:
I used sketches, flows, and annotated wireframes, as well as our established customer journey model and personas, to collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders.