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Julie Harpring

Orbitz Worldwide

As a user experience architect, I guide and advocate for human-centered design for the desktop and mobile travel websites of Orbitz.com, Cheaptickets.com, eBookers.com and Hotelclub.com.

My Role

User Experience Architect


Orbitz Worldwide provides online booking of flights, hotels, cars, and other travel services to millions of customers around the world. My job is to make the customer experience, from trip research, to product comparisons, to checkout, as easy and delightful as possible.

I work closely with developers, visual designers and product strategists in an Agile environment with a fast-paced production cycle that allows me to collect data about my work, gain insights, and iterate constantly.

My Tools & Techniques

  • Sketching and rapid prototyping: In order to discuss my ideas with our feature teams, I use the tools that make the most sense for the situation at hand, from whiteboard to pencil and paper to high-fidelity Axure prototypes.
  • Usability evaluation: I frequently work with our usability specialist to edit test scripts and record data on the day of an evaluation.
  • Data analysis: I use data from sources such as mutivariate and A/B testing, analytics and Opinion Labs feedback to make informed interaction design decisions.
  • Documentation: In addition to prototypes, I create flows, experience models and detailed wireframe specifications using both Visio and Axure as necessary.
  • Collaboration with visual designers and front-end developers: I serve as the advocate for human-centered design throughout the production process, providing education in many ways, from informal conversations to leading UX book club discussions.
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Orbitz Worldwide:
My work spans the mobile and desktop websites on a global platform that supports multiple languages and locales across the world.