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Julie Harpring

CVS Caremark Website Redesign

Prescription benefit company CVS Caremark came to Designkitchen with a desire to create a member experience online that reflected its position in the marketplace as a human, caring provider of medication coverage and mail order prescription services.

My Role

User Experience Lead

My Tools & Techniques

  • In-home interviews:I talked to people in their homes about their experiences managing multiple long-term prescriptions and supplemented the findings with secondary resources about patterns of long-term prescription use. The research uncovered key barriers to the use of prescription benefit websites, including the comfort provided by a relationship with a local pharmacist and doubt that mail order would be reliable enough for critical medications.
  • Mapping the prescription journey: I worked with team members to sketch the prescription management journey based on the research.
  • Refining insights and concepts After identifying opportunities for the site to support members during each phase of the prescription process, I worked with my team to develop concepts focused on education, emotional support, and facilitation of conversations between doctors, members, and pharmacists about (1) affordability and (2) whether a medication is doing its job well without unlivable side effects.
  • Prototype, testing, and implementation: Working closely with the visual designer, associate creative director, and developers, I sketched and refined the concept for a dashboard that would alert members to upcoming refills and expirations; savings opportunities; and the status of recent orders. After receiving feedback from the client and refining the concept, I created a site map, content matrix, wireframes, and flows for the rest of the site and facilitated usability evaluations of prototype screens that evolved based on the results.

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CVS Caremark:
As the user experience lead, one of my most important challenges on the project was to completely recategorize the content of the site and introduce a new navigation system based on my research into the customers' mental model.
Whiteboard with sketches of the prescription journey A diagram of opportunities for the site A wireframe sketch from the concepting phase of the project
After conducting in-home interviews with prescription plan users and reviewing studies about the behaviors of people who take mulitple long-term medications, I developed a model of the prescription process. I used the model throughout the process of concepting, sketching, and creating site documentation (wireframes and flows) to guide my decisions.